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Allan Witt Rotary Skate Park

Allan Witt Rotary Skate Park
1900 Woolner Avenue

  • Skate park hours are from sunrise to sunset. 

  • The riding, propelling or operating of bicycles, scooters, motorized wheeled devices, or other similar wheeled devices in or upon the skate park is prohibited – Sec 12.B.16(a).

  • Any person riding, propelling or operating a skateboard, roller skates or in-line skates shall wear a properly-fitted protective helmet, elbow pads and knee pads at all times – 12.B.16(b).

  • Skating on curbs, sidewalks and driveways of surrounding park and neighborhood is prohibited - Sec 11.6.4.

  • Use of skate park is prohibited when Park is closed – 12.B16(c).

  • Graffiti and tagging are prohibited - Sec 12B.18, 12B Penal Code 640.5. 594.

  • Use of Drugs and Alcohol with the Skate Park is prohibited – Sec. 12B.9 Penal Code 647.

  • A permit is required to operate any sound amplification system or device in the Park. Sound amplification level shall not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other park users - Sec.12B.9(h).

  • Any person failing to comply with these rules of conduct may be subject to citation, ejection from park and/or may have any skating equipment or other wheeled device confiscated – 12.B.16(d).

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