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Black Mamba Skate Park

Black Mamba Skate Park
3649 Erie Boulevard East

Rules and Regulations:

 - It is our intention to provide the safest and most pleasant experience for you and everyone who visits our store and skate park. The following rules are aimed at achieving this. If you violate any of these rules you will be asked to leave with no refund. We reserve the right to ban anyone permanently for violating any of the rules listed below:
 - No skating on mall property except for designated areas of Black Mamba Skate Park
 - You must have a waiver signed
 - No racial talking
 - No fighting
 - Do not damage store or mall property
 - Try not to swear (especially when the little ones are around)
 - No backwards skating in the roller skate area
 - No speed skating in the roller skate area
 - No Loitering
 - No snaking in the skateboard area, everyone gets a turn
 - You must wear a helmet at all times in the skateboard area
 - No open toed shoes in the skateboard area
 - No smoking, drugs, or bicycles
 - No food or drinks in the roller skating or skateboard areas
 - No obstacles are to be brought into the skateboard or roller skate areas
 - You must leave the skate area once your 2 hour session is up or you will be charged another $7
 - No one is allowed in the skateboard or roller skate area unless they have paid for a session and we have a waiver on file.
 - You must be at least 6 years old to skateboard.

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