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Bordertown Skate Park

Bordertown Skate Park
34th Street and Louise


The construction of Bordertown skatepark first began in 2004 with a simple plan to make a ramp out of concrete in West Oakland, California. It was, as all other DIY parks start out, self-funded and engineered from the beginning by dedicated local skateboarders. Once the initial goal of completing the concrete ramp was achieved, many skateboarders recognized its potential and began to contribute to the cause to make the park bigger and better. Because there were no skateparks in Oakland, Bordertown quickly gained support from local skaters and residents alike in the Bay Area.

Currently, the construction of Bordertown Skatepark is only halfway to the finish mark. We are learning through trial and error how to persevere through all of the various challenges to save the park. A number of local benefit shows and neighborhood clean ups were also organized to raise support. Any kind of help or suggestions for raising money to donate towards tools and materials are needed to ensure its completion. If you’re down for the cause and know of any way to raise funds or support to finish the park, let us know!

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