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Burgess Skate Park

Burgess Skate Park
700 Alma Street


In October 1999, after meeting with skateboarders and interested parties, the City identified a need for a permanent skate park. In early 2000, discussions began with the County of San Mateo to locate the skate park at Flood Park. Funding was identified to build a skate park in this area with 16,000 square feet of skating area.

After numerous outreach meetings with neighbors in the Flood Park area, the City heard many reasons why a skate park at Flood Park was not desired by the neighbors and, therefore, switched its efforts toward Burgess Park as a potential site for the skate park.

The City Council reviewed the Burgess Park Master Plan at the December 17, 2002 meeting. Included in the plan was a proposal to include a site location for the skate park. One approved, the public input process on the design of the skate park began immediately with a design workshop held on February 12th. Wormhoudt, Inc. of Santa Cruz , the skate park construction consultants, facilitated the design workshop. At this workshop, user groups and participants provided input for the skate park by preparing drawings and clay models of their skate park ideas. This input was used to produce design drawings and a draft proposal.

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