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Catoctin Skatepark

Catoctin Skatepark
141 Catoctin Circle SE

Catoctin Skatepark is a 12,000 square foot lighted skating area for inline skaters, skateboarders, and bikes.

The design includes a skating surface skimmed with 1.5 inches of asphalt and coated to provide a smooth skating surface, as well as an assortment of obstacles, such as launch ramps, fun boxes, rail slides, and half pipes, to challenge skaters’ skills.

The facility was developed through a unique collaboration effort, initiated by a group of young Leesburg skaters, that included public and private financial support, the in-kind donation of services, and grass roots fundraising efforts ranging from raffles and food sales to the “Battle of the Bands” special events.

There are no fees to use the skatepark, but an Emergency Contact Card must be completed by a responsible adult for skater/biker prior to admission.

Helmets are required, and additional protective equipment is recommended. Skaters and bikers must bring their own equipment. Bike pegs must be taped.

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