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Rome Skate Park

Rome Skate Park
Sixth and Mohawk Street

 - Skating is at the skater’s own risk. The skate park is not supervised.
 - The City is not liable for any accident or injury to person or property resulting from the use or misuse of the skate park.
 - Skaters use of equipment as mandated by New York State Law is the sole responsibility of the skater and/or his legal guardians. Failure to use such equipment and/or any and all safety equipment is the sole responsibility of the skater. Anyone not using the Skate Park in a safe and acceptable manner or abusing the rules of the Skate Park may be removed and not permitted back without approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.
 - Graffiti, vandalism, swearing, smoking, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs is prohibited in the Skate Park.
 - Glass containers are prohibited in the Skate Park.

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